Jerry Chua – Grammy Award nominated mixing and mastering engineer  

I have spent a long time looking for an awesome sounding audio interface. Because I do mixing and mastering, playback quality is of utmost importance to me. I have tried many audio interfaces by apogee, focusrite and others costing 3 times more but nothing comes close to the Audient ID22. The sound is just pristine, it sounds wider, deeper, clearer and the bass is tighter when compared to them. The moment I heard the Audient ID22 I knew I will search no more. Please do yourselves a favour and check it out!!!

I was with Jerry when he tested Audient ID22 at his studio. The sound was fantastic!

It’s my honor to get to know Jerry too. He produces high quality works. He works with artists across the region, even Mongolian artists contacted him. He’s responsible. What’s more, he’s a professional drummer. You can be rest assured that your songs will sound awesome under his creative hand!

Recently he just finished his project with Tay Kewei. Very talented singer. He mixed most of her songs in her new album.

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Grammy Cert - Jerry Chua

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