Another sets of Presonus Eris E4.5 & Eris E5 to be shipped!

When I first heard about Presonus Eris speakers, I was a little skeptical. I know the company makes premium audio interface but I’ve not heard about their speakers. However, the moment I heard Eris E4.5 & E5, I know those are the speakers to go for. 

All the stocks is gone within few weeks after every shipment. This is how good it is. The best value for money studio monitor in the market! Good low frequency response, good imaging, clear sound! If you have heard KRK Rokit 5, there’s no reason not to get Eris 4.5, because Eris 4.5 is much better than Rootkit 5 and definitely cheaper. I’ve made a promise to all my customers. If anyone of them finds that Eris perform less than KRK Rokit5, I’ll refund them. 

PreSonus E4.5 powered studio monitors provide accuracy and affordability in a portable package. With 4-1/2″ Kevlar woofers (which usually being in high-end Hi-Fi system) encased in solid MDF cabinets, the E4.5 pair becomes a crucial part of a durable, reliable listening station you can use anywhere.

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