Audient ASP4816 Compact Analogue Recording Console


Powerful, flexible and intuitive, the ASP4816 delivers superb audio performance in a compact frame size. Audient’s ASP4816 in-line console gives you all of the most important key features of their large-format design, but in a more cost-effective and compact format.


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The new AP4816 is a no-brainer for anyone seeking the flexibility and quality of the larger desk, but in a more compact format. ASP4816 provides the key features of a large format recording console in a compact, cost effective form. Designed by audio guru, David Dearden and featuring Audient’s legendary analog circuitry, ASP4816 is the perfect centre piece for production studios and educational facilities.

The main input channels feature Audient’s renowned Class A preamp and 4 band EQ – a combination found in hundreds of ASP8024 equipped studios where many users no longer feel the need to reach for their outboard preamps and EQ. The console features 40 faders,16 bus routing, 6 auxes, 2 dedicated cue sends, 4 stereo returns, stereo bus compressor and a comprehensive monitor section.

Each channel strip can address 16 mix buses plus the stereo master bus, along with six auxiliary buses and two Cue buses. In contrast, the ASP8024 boasts 24 mix buses (plus the stereo master), together with a total of 12 aux and two cue buses. Each channel features a four-band EQ (plus a high-pass filter on the mic preamp), divided into a pair of high and low shelf equalisers, and a pair of parametric mid-bands. These two EQ sub-sections can be independently switched between the long and short fader signal paths, as required. Of course, both the long and short fader paths can be routed to the stereo master bus, to provide 32 inputs for mixdown through the channel strips. Interestingly, the ASP8024 channel section is constructed from 12-channel circuit cards, so the new ASP4816 employs a standard 12-channel card (with a few switches left out), and a newly designed four-channel version to provide the channel count of 16 required in this console.


  • In-line architecture – twin inputs on each channel
  • 40 faders
  • 48 inputs at mix
  • 16 Audient Class-A mic pres
  • 16 channels of EQ
  • 16 record buses
  • 6 auxes, 2 cue sends
  • Stereo bus compressor
  • Comprehensive monitor section




Type Analog
Channels 16 (in-line)
Inputs – Mic Preamps 16 x XLR
Inputs – Line 16 x TRS
Inputs – Other 16
Outputs – Main 8 x XLR (4 pairs)
Outputs – Direct 3 x DB25 (subgroups/bus outputs)
Phantom Power 16
EQ Bands 16 x 4-band
Aux Sends 6 + 2 cue buses
Busses/Groups 16
Faders 48 (16 mic long-throw, 16 line short-throw, 16 bus long-throw)
Channel Inserts Yes (balanced)
Effects No Effects
Talkback Yes
Computer Connectivity No Computer Connectivity
Rackmountable Not Rack Mountable
Height 13.96″
Width 42.9″
Depth 39.173″
Weight 250 lbs.