Presonus HD9 Professional Monitoring Headphone

$179.00 $165.00

Incredible headphone with clean, clear and accurate sound. Most importantly, the price is very affordable.


Presonus HD9 studio headphone is a professional monitoring headphone that delivers accurate sound with an affordable price. They’re clean-sounding, extra-comfortable, and offer a broad, transparent frequency response that ensures accurate mixing.

The Presonus HD9’s closed-back acoustic design provides superior listening isolation and reduces headphone bleed. You never need to worry about disturbing your neighbour. The HD9 has a 45 mm dynamic, neodymium driver and high power handling (900 mW per channel into 40 ohms) deliver loud, clear, clean audio, minimizing listening fatigue. Best of all, its tailored frequency response extends all the way from 10 Hz to 26 kHz, with the accurate bass response, enabling precise mixes. You will be blown away by its quality & the price.

Presonus HD9 is built with mobility in mind. With its adjustable & foldable features, you can easily carry to any place and listen to your friends’ mix. The lightweight HD9 features an adjustable headband, cups that rotate 180° on two axes, and comfortable, durable ear pads. The straight, ten-foot cable drops down one side so it doesn’t get in your way. The result is a comfortable listening experience that you’ll continue to enjoy during long sessions.



Fit and Comfort

  • Two-axis, 180° cup rotation
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable, long-lasting ear pads
  • Adjustable headband


  • Precision-tuned, closed back, circumaural acoustic design
  • Tailored frequency response (10 Hz – 26 kHz; ±3 dB)
  • Accurate low-frequency response
  • High-power handling (1,800 mW @ 40Ω, 900 mW per channel)
  • 45 mm dynamic, neodymium drivers

Connection and Storage

  • 10 foot (3m), straight, single-sided cable with 1/8 inch connector
  • Gold-plated 1/8 inch-to-¼ inch adapter
  • Storage bag
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